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    >>1 一番に逃げますから

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    その後、調査してみたが、2014.10.21 には

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    In S. Korea, the number of perjury cases indicted per population in 2010 was 165 times greater than that in Japan. The number of false accusation cases per population was 305 times that of Japan.
    (Korea Daily, March 16, 2012)

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    Korean lied and distorted history and paid bribes to American lobbyists, media, journalists, politicians....etc and set up the fraud statue but actually Korean themselves recruited or deceived Korean girls and operated comfort stations during WW2 and copied the exact same comfort woman system for the new master, US since 1950, and those brave South Korean men had called the comfort station for US military "MONKEY HOUSE", in addition, brave and tragic victims South Korean soldiers set up "Turkish bath" in Vietnam and abducted and raped countless Vietnamese children and women there during the Vietnam War!!!!!! And Korea made a funny plastic surgery movie on comfort woman and clicked tons of thousands times. Its natural Koreans get hwa-byung.

    Koreans already forgave themselves. Korean cyber team pretend to be nice people to Vietnamese on YouTube. (Besides they usually call Vietnamese or other southeast Asians "barbarians" or "monkeys" on Korean community sites.) That’s all.

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    Yes, sure. The Japanese were so evil, that they abolished the severe Korean cast system, built thousands of schools across the Peninsular, constructed infrastructures such as roads, railroads, and dams across the entire peninsular that both North and South Koreans are utilizing even to this day, allowed Koreans to join the Imperial Armed forces, and treated them so equal that there were actually high ranking Army officers of Korean descent commanding regiments by the end of the war. Japanese were so evil that they literally resurrected the long forgotten "Hungul", the now official Korean writing system that was banned by the "Yangbans (両班)" who were the ruling cast of the Korean social society. Yes the Japanese were so evil. lol.

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    氏名は イ ヒョングク (漢字表記は検索できず)



    作成日 2018-11-28

    >(市長室2018. 11. 27.)

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    Koreans demand apology from the Japanese over the "Comfort women" issue, despite the fact that historical fact has shown many, if not most, of the women were "recruited", and were paid far more than the average Japanese soldier and were well treated by their Japanese employers. Yet the Koreans don't apologise to the Vietnamese for Lai Dai Han, so much hypocrisy!
    Today, between 5,000 and 30,000 children of mixed Korean-Vietnamese ancestry, called the “Lai Dai Han,” live at the margins of Vietnamese society.
    Mixed children with Japanese soldiers and Korean prostitutes have not been born.

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    "The Chinese citizens did not fear the Japanese and willingly cooperated with me for photo-taking," testified the press photographer Shinju Sato. Photo taken in Nanking Safety Zone on December 15, 1937, two days after the occupation of Nanking.
    Is this the scene of a massacre?

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    Korean (after shaping)"I will increase the number of ugly confused children all over the world!"
    The reason Japanese were born is because the Indigenous peoples  Japanese 'Jomon' were raped by Koreans monkey.
    Indigenous peoples Japanese 'Jomon'=White people of small slender nose?(Y-DNA D)

    Comfort women. The rape of Vietnam. Korean army crime.  

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    Traditionally in Japan, Samurai warriors were living inside walls of castle, and farmers and merchants were living outside the walls. Civilian cities were not walled. Only warriors fight each other in wall, and they never killed civilians. While, in China, farmers and merchants are living inside a wall, and they were often killed as the same as soldiers by enemies cruelly. In Chinese history books, we often can read such massacres stories. Therefore, there are such horrid words三光政策(Three Alls Policy:S?ngu?ng Zhengce) was a Chinese scorched earth policy adopted in China, the three "alls" being "kill all, burn all, loot all" in Chinese language. It was a Chinese culture. The Japanese never had such a culture. Nanking was a walled capital city, and the idea of massacring all inhabitants was Chinese, not Japanese.

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    Anyway please explain my photo.
    This photo is very famous.
    Have you seen this photo somewhere?
    Therefore I will present the answer to the question to him here.
    The answer is below.

    Please pay attention to socks women wear.
    This is a very characteristic Japanese sock "Tabi".

    A woman in this photo is a Japanese woman who was killed by a Chinese person at Jinan incident.
    However, the Communist Party of China uses this photo as propaganda of lies as evidence of Unit 731 's atrocities.
    Acts that the Chinese are doing is an act of blaspheming the victimed Japanese woman.
    Jinan incident

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    Unfortunately, the description of this incident in Wikipedia is quite different from the Japanese version and can not be said to be accurate.
    Japanese ver
    Perhaps it is thought that tampering by the central government of China is done in the English ver.
    The same can be said for descriptions of Nikolayevsk Incident, Nanking Incident, Tungchow Mutiny and so on.

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    The population of Nanking just before the Japanese occupation was about 200,000. Abou a week before the Japanese attack on Nanking, on November 28,1937, the head of the Police Department of Nanking, Mr. Wan, announced at a press conference for foreigners, "About 200,000 people still live here in Nanking." Five days after the Japanese occupation, on December 18, 1937, the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, which was a group of Westerners remaining in Nanking, announced that the population of the city was about 200,000. Later, on December, the Foreigners Association in Nanking referred to 200,000 as the population of Nanking.

    How could the Japanese kill 300,000 citizens in a city that held only 200,000 people?

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    Anime characters are cute Japanese(asian) and cute white people.
    Anime characters are not ugly Japanese(asian) and ugly white people.

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    Anime characters are cute Japanese(asian) and cute white people.
    Anime characters are not ugly Japanese(asian) and ugly white people.

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    Here are just a few statements by Asian leaders regarding Japan and the WW2 myth, including a statement by the advisor to Chiang Kai Shek - the leader of one of two conflicting Chinese factions at that time.:

    "What Japan has carried through bravely was to completely put an end to white colonialism in the East": Owen Latimore - Advisor to Chiang Kai Shek

    "The Japanese did nothing to us that they have to apologise for. This is the reason we do not attend the San Francisco Peace Conference and refuse to sign its treaty." Jawaharlal Nehru - 1st Prime Minister of Independent India

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    "The West has vested interests in recording Japan as the invading country so that they can justify their invasion of Asia. Crimes against peace and crimes against humanity are ex post fact laws so that in the context of International Law, there is no basis for accusing Japan of a crime": Radhabinod Pai - Member of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

    "For the independence for India, our army will fight through with our Japanese friends. On to Delhi": Shush Chondro Boshu - Legendary Indian freedom fighter.

    "Why does Asia want Japan to be free again? It’s because Japan was the only country Asia could trust. We should never forget how the people of Asia, who hoped for their independence, find sympathy with the Japanese ideal": Janius Jayewardine - Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

    These are the nations that Japan was supposed to have raped and pillaged. Were that true, what reason world they have to come to Japan’s rescue? Wake up.

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    I have many more because I do my research.

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    Indigene Völker in Japan, (Jomon). 

    Die Jomon sind weiße Leute?(y Chromosom D)

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