Debate in English: For equal and fair discussion


    • 1司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 13:45:44ID:U2MTE4ODA(1/1)NG報告

      Let's all have an opportunity to talk about Asian politics in English.
      Having watched many Korean and Japanese users having a hard time to communicate each other because of translation problem, I decided to make a thread in which everyone can talk fairly.
      I'd like you to discuss especially about the future relationship of Korea and Japan, and how we can improve a political deadlock of both country, but it's okay just to talk anything. However, in English.
      Sorry to non-English speakers, but I hope you to understand.

    • 51名無し2018/08/24(Fri) 20:20:19ID:M4OTE3NDQ(6/9)NG報告

      I got your intentions. I just prefer playing seriously.

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    • 53熱湯浴2018/08/24(Fri) 21:21:03ID:I1NjgwNDA(1/3)NG報告

      Your 2nd sentence doesn't make any sense. You aren't qualified to contempt others' English ability with the level.
      Again, you proposed Debate (serious discussion) and later you say you hadn't had such intention from the beginning.
      I knew it though some of average Japanese were trapped at the 1st thread. After all, you had better go to West.

    • 54司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 21:30:24ID:QyMzgxNzY(10/12)NG報告

      Don't take that too seriously. I know there are many Japanese who can speak English far better than me.

      I said I wanted to debate but why does it have to be always serious? You can debate not only with serious topic but light one. And in general I prefer light discussion than otherwise.

    • 55熱湯浴2018/08/24(Fri) 21:47:28ID:I1NjgwNDA(2/3)NG報告

      Debate is to determine Winner and Loser though most of Koreans escape without admitting own loss when losing.
      What you want is Communication so that you had best go to West.
      Further participation with your current posture would just increase Korean-haters.

    • 56hato◇chon_shine2018/08/24(Fri) 21:52:49ID:k0MTgzMTI(2/2)NG報告



    • 57司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 21:58:20ID:QyMzgxNzY(11/12)NG報告

      That's right. I want communication if that's what it means.
      But if it's communication about politic and current affairs,
      neutral zone is rather more proper than West.
      And West people also wouldn't want that I mess up their board with sensitive topics like politic.
      So my decision is stay. And Japanese already hate me anyway.

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      >>1を見る限り、日韓関係の改善を望んでいるのだろうか? だとしたら素直に「日韓関係を改善させる方法を知りたい」みたいなスレを立てたほうが話が広がるのではないかと思う。ただ同じような過去スレがたくさんあるので、そちらを見たほうが早いと思うが。

      한일관계 파탄원인은 위안부 같은 역사문제만이 아니다.
      안철수가 대통령이 되면, 한일관계는 개선된다

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    • 63名無し2018/08/24(Fri) 23:13:39ID:I3MjI1NDQ(1/8)NG報告

      Please write in English till the end.
      I am studying English now.

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    • 65ㄷㄷ2018/08/24(Fri) 23:18:51ID:E4NDk3NDQ(1/2)NG報告


      머리 이상하구나. 한일의 미래를 논의하는데 영어가 필요합니까?

    • 66名無し2018/08/24(Fri) 23:20:34ID:I3MjI1NDQ(2/8)NG報告

      My friend (Indian) seems to have a question for you.
      Do Koreans use shower every day?

    • 67ㄷㄷ2018/08/24(Fri) 23:20:48ID:E4NDk3NDQ(2/2)NG報告

      굳이 말하자면 그쪽이 '미래를 논의' 한다라는 것도 구체적이지 않아서 어수선하게 떠들고 있는 것에 지나지 않는다.

    • 68司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 23:20:58ID:YyMjU4MTY(4/11)NG報告

      번역 문제로 제멋대로 왜곡해서 정신승리하는 저능아들 걸러내려고 만든 거임.

    • 69司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 23:21:24ID:YyMjU4MTY(5/11)NG報告

      of course

    • 70名無し2018/08/24(Fri) 23:24:50ID:I3MjI1NDQ(3/8)NG報告

      Is it true?
      My friends are having a big laugh.

    • 71司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 23:25:44ID:YyMjU4MTY(6/11)NG報告

      Why, because of Garlic smell?

    • 72司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/24(Fri) 23:27:36ID:YyMjU4MTY(7/11)NG報告

      Women take a shower everyday.
      About Men, I don't know well. Generally once in two days or three days?

    • 73名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 00:07:57ID:Q2Mjc0NTA(4/8)NG報告

      I'm sorry. I left my room for a while. To shop.
      For friends to buy beer and some items. He likes smoke because he likes Laughable things very much.
      In korea get Laughable things easy?
      We will have a good time after this.(it cough time)

    • 74司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/25(Sat) 00:16:07ID:YxOTc0MjU(8/11)NG報告

      What is 'laughable things'?

    • 75名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 00:20:48ID:Q2Mjc0NTA(5/8)NG報告

      when use it then you are happy

    • 76司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/25(Sat) 00:22:22ID:YxOTc0MjU(9/11)NG報告

      I'm sorry to say this but your English is too difficult to understand.

    • 77名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 00:24:50ID:Q2Mjc0NTA(6/8)NG報告

      sorry,my english is indian english

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    • 80名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 00:31:22ID:Q2Mjc0NTA(7/8)NG報告

      I will not bother you any more
      But please write in English again
      I love you.

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    • 82대만 사랑2018/08/25(Sat) 00:34:31ID:Q3OTAzMjU(1/1)NG報告

      간만에 보는 생산적인 스레군요
      비영어권인 한국인과 일본인이 영어 문장으로 논의하며
      영어 공부하는 좋은 스레군요

    • 83名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 00:48:58ID:Q2Mjc0NTA(8/8)NG報告

      Finally, Japanese and Koreans should talk in the same field.
      So, I think that it is okay for both English and others to speak English.
      I think that is a fair rule. I do not like Korean people, but for now.

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    • 85名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 04:05:38ID:QzMTg3MDA(7/9)NG報告

      Mr. Tamori (タモリ), a famous MC and TV comedian, often says "Since this is not a business, but a play, you should do it seriously". I used "Seriously" in this meaning.

    • 86名無し2018/08/25(Sat) 04:31:34ID:QzMTg3MDA(8/9)NG報告

      I spotted out!

    • 87미국,독일,영국2018/08/25(Sat) 13:22:40ID:kwMTEzNTA(1/1)NG報告

      >>1 넌, 영어,일본어 다되는거야?? 오~

    • 88父は朝日でした2018/08/25(Sat) 15:11:53ID:A2NDM1MjU(1/1)NG報告


      It was too late.

    • 89司会者◆tr.t4dJfuU2018/08/25(Sat) 15:13:46ID:YwOTczMDA(12/12)NG報告

      I have to correct my word. I want to 'communicate' with Japanese.
      If in English I thought it would be better to begin with.
      But that was mistake haha

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    • 92名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 02:23:45ID:Q3NDU2NTY(9/9)NG報告

      Mr. Tamori is very good at communicating with everyone. But it does not mean he can't debate. Yes. I watched his TV show yesterday.

    • 93名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 09:16:48ID:E5NDIyOTY(1/1)NG報告

      insignificant:nothing here

    • 94名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 09:25:26ID:A2NzYzMTA(1/2)NG報告

      fucking subhuman jap

    • 95名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 09:26:31ID:A2NzYzMTA(2/2)NG報告

      nip monkey cant english

      bcz funking inferior

    • 96名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 09:43:22ID:cwNDU5ODA(2/2)NG報告

      What the hell are you talking about?
      Your english is terrible.

    • 97名無し2018/08/26(Sun) 10:22:58ID:Q0OTIzMjI(1/1)NG報告

      if japs were monkeys,korean would be insects or something.

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