Neutral Zone


  • 1名無し2016/10/25(Tue) 15:29:44ID:gzMTgxNTA(1/1)NG通報

    Talk with English
    Do't use your origin language.
    I'm sorry for my poor English (><;)

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    DeMilitarized Zone?

  • 3.2016/10/25(Tue) 15:37:57ID:U4MzI5NTA(1/1)NG通報

    do you know psy?
    do you know gangnam style?
    do you know kimchi?
    do you know ji sung park?
    do you know yuna kim?

  • 4774ちゃん2016/10/25(Tue) 15:44:48ID:I0MTQxMjU(1/1)NG通報

    I know.
    My English is not good than you.

  • 5さ◆tvQQls73to2016/10/25(Tue) 15:49:49ID:c2NDcwMDA(1/6)NG通報

    Don't worry,me too(ФωФ)

  • 6東 西 南 北◆932uJsG3gE2016/10/25(Tue) 15:53:08ID:gxNzk4MjU(1/1)NG通報

    U^ェ^U bowwow

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    Already exist some English thread in here. >>1

    English thread 英語で英語・英語学習について語り合うスレッド(翻訳を切って英語で話すスレ)


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  • 9日本語を勉強しています2016/10/25(Tue) 16:18:09ID:E1MDE4NzU(1/1)NG通報

    Ok, unsure of what the topic is but let's talk about something? My midterms ended today so I've got that going for me which is nice.

  • 10さ◆tvQQls73to2016/10/25(Tue) 16:34:49ID:c2NDcwMDA(3/6)NG通報

    Please talk to me slowly,because I belong to legendary tribe Japanese who can speak no English.

  • 11さ◆tvQQls73to2016/10/25(Tue) 16:39:27ID:c2NDcwMDA(4/6)NG通報

    Japan is kawaii of♪

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  • 14no name2016/10/25(Tue) 19:16:59ID:A3NjI0NTA(1/1)NG通報

    konbanwa. I am me.

  • 15さ◆tvQQls73to2016/10/25(Tue) 19:19:59ID:c2NDcwMDA(6/6)NG通報

    Good evening!l'm me too lol.

  • 16名無し2016/11/14(Mon) 23:17:25ID:MwMzA0ODI(1/1)NG通報

    After Park Geun Hye became the president, Korea went to the dogs.

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  • 18◆jSdUpkQKgA2016/11/16(Wed) 20:46:41ID:EyODUxOTY(1/2)NG通報

    Trump, who was elected in the United States this time, was found to be insane. He does not know what to do for his country. If he withdraws US troops from Japan and South Korea, we should withdraw from the NPT. China and North Korea already have nuclear missiles, but why should Japan and South Korea have nothing? This does not make sense. And Japan and South Korea should refrain from acting to stimulate each other. This is only a delight for China and North Korea.

  • 19さ◆tvQQls73to2016/11/16(Wed) 21:19:14ID:Y4NjM0OTI(1/1)NG通報

    Unfortunately, the majority of Koreans seem to opinion against with you.
    And unfortunately, Korean politicians, especially Park Geun-hye overdoed.
    Ithink nobody can't stop Japan walk away from South-Korea……

  • 20소라게 ★ Sorage2016/11/16(Wed) 22:29:05ID:c5MjU0MjA(1/1)NG通報

    Jumo! Drop the beat!

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  • 22名無し2016/11/16(Wed) 22:56:29ID:M0ODcyNTY(1/1)NG通報

    has google translate been updated?
    i feel japanese translated from english are more natural than before.
    technology progresses day by day.

  • 23さ◆tvQQls73to2016/11/16(Wed) 23:05:53ID:czNTg5NTY(2/2)NG通報

    Welcome to the feature(^o^)

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  • 25名無し2016/11/18(Fri) 16:38:51ID:Y5MTYyMjY(1/1)NG通報

    English please.
    And many peples do not like long sentences...

  • 26東 西 南 北◆932uJsG3gE2016/11/18(Fri) 17:26:38ID:MzNDY3NDY(1/1)NG通報

    Today, I was busy with housework.
    I'm tired.
    It is time to prepare dinner soon.
    Troublesome. : '(

  • 27◆jSdUpkQKgA2016/11/18(Fri) 18:24:29ID:UzMzU5NTg(2/2)NG通報

    Only those who have no idea that housework is very difficult are those who haven't done housework. lol
    Housework has no end. I guess. lol